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Our friends who have gone on

Created on: 01/11/16 08:30 PM Views: 1712 Replies: 1
Our friends who have gone on
Posted Monday, January 11, 2016 08:30 PM

As we all age and succumb to the perils of our existence, I'm pretty sure that most of us are shocked and disbelieving to learn of the demise of classmates we knew, didn't know, admired and didn't admire.

Each one of us is a different person than those Wildcat fans who separated in May of 1969 and went on to develop into the people we are today. Our reunions and shared communications bring together the "us" we are today, introducing us to each other as for the first time.

Friends, I am, by no means, religious. That doesn't mean I don't have a faith of my own choosing and great expectations for what lies beyond. Each time I learn of another classmate's death I feel sadness that their lives have been cut short and also regret that I did not know them better.

All this is to propose that we throw away the word "death" and adopt the phrase "our friends who have gone before us and wait to greet and love us in the future.

To my classmates of 1969, as well as all others, I am thankful to you and love you all.

RE: Our friends who have gone on
Posted Tuesday, June 21, 2016 10:36 AM

In reply to Nancy's post, I catch myself reading the obits and hope I don't find someone I know butun fortunately I have so far I haven't seen my name yet by Gods grace I'm still kicking. I didn't know very many ofy classmates but yet I feel a deep regret when I see a name I know that has gone on Ido regret not being closer friends with more of you the hope that we all get together in the hereafter or better yet before we go on. May you all be blessed with health and happiness!!!!