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10/18/09 06:52 PM #114    


Larry Jordan

We (Larry-Judy-Larry-Donna) just returned from Hawaii and 10 wonderful days in paradise. Absolutely beautiful scenery and wonderful accommadations. For those who don't know we were able to go on this wonderful trip due to the "Silent Auction" at the class reunion. Could not possibly thank the "sponsor" of this trip enough, we will remember the sights from the beautiful beaches, towns, rain forests, and unbelievable volcanoes for the rest of our lives. The condo was beautiful and located in a true paradise. Thanks to everyone involved in the Prize. Larry Don and Judy Jordan--Larry Carl and Donna Womack

10/30/09 06:54 PM #115    

Kathy Babb (Magnuson)



Nov. 6th 6:30pm

Please let me know , need to reserve a table our 3!!!!!!
Bring your Honey or just come on !!!! Let's just have a GREAT TIME TALKING !! Looking forward for your emails !!! See ya there !!!!!!

10/30/09 11:45 PM #116    

Kathy Babb (Magnuson)

I have tried to send each one an email !! Sorry I am getting on in years and have grown tired !!!!haha If you didn t get email just read the above note and please come and visit !!!! If you happen to see someone in our class tell them about this !!! Thanks and hope to see ya soon !!!!!!!

11/05/09 04:22 PM #117    


Bob Gurley

Larry Don,
Where are the pics from the islands? Hula girls,volcanoes,drinks with little umbrelas in them?

Bob Gurley

11/06/09 06:11 PM #118    

Linda Fagan (Chanler)

Yes...Larry Don, where are the pics. Did the thongs come out for all the girls in Hawaii?? :)

11/11/09 02:49 PM #119    


Cheryl Caldwell (Brown)

Thanks to all of you that sent birthday messages!!!! My present was that "I woke up this morning and it was a new day"!!!!! We'll take whatever we can get! Love to you all.

12/11/09 02:21 PM #120    

Garry Davis

Merry Christmas to everyone, and may God bless you.


12/18/09 10:54 AM #121    

Sidney Gross

Gary has still got to be the fastest running back ever.... He is still leading the league in good tidings and wishes for a wonderful Merry Christmas to all.

I'll just take the end-around hand-off and scamper in for Happy New Year.

Everyone -- Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas to all,
Sid Gross

01/02/10 10:27 AM #122    


Bob Gurley

Happy New Year!

01/03/10 08:31 PM #123    

Linda Fagan (Chanler)

We gathered in Paris on the Red River on Saturday, Jan. 2nd to set our friend Becky Jo free to float the river. I thought some of you might like to read what Michael, her dear love of 13 years, wrote about the day. It was a beautiful day indeed. We will miss you Becky.

January 2, Saturday, 2010

It was a bright new day, white with streaming wisps of winter clouds moving within the blue sky... and as the day progressed to high noon we drove into Paris, Texas,,, barely late considering the time spent traveling from Austin. The small crowd of faithful were waiting at the Church (Becky's brother John, his paramour Debbie, Dickey Amos, Pat Crabtree, his three sisters, Betsy, Priscilla, Roma and their 3 kids... Linda Chanler, Becky's son Adam, Blair and their little girl Rachel; an 8th generation Texan I should think). Everyone exchanged howdy's and hugs in a calm and jovial way, the nature of a Parisite, and mounted their vehicles for the 20 minute trip to "The Red".

When we arrived, we found a gate barring access to the river's bank. We were only mildly surprised to see Dickey had arranged to have keys... he's the president of the bank you know... so we were able to drive down the sandy path to a most serene and beautiful spot right on the river's edge. It had rained earlier in the week but the sand could bare my wedge heals and the water had gone cool blue/green. I got solid on the rim and turned to see Adam. His steps were deliberate, careful... slow motion walking down the raise with her in his hands.

It was her all right. A breeze blew over me, played Hell with my composure. I was shocked in the tenderest way though... to see Adam, head bent as he held her body's essence close... as a father might hold a newborn child.


I don't remember what I said. Something about this not being your average ceremony, something about ancestors... and our desire to live on the
Red someday... but careful not to open the window too far, I just played a tune on my clarinet, warm low register notes that lingered for a moment then dove straight into the water.

Adam beckoned me over, we bent down together and he said, "Your body's free Mom.... and now so is your soul" and we spilled her into the waters
edge... embraced; he was the Father.

It was a golden yellow afternoon now, and she was picked up by the currents, like a streaming wisp of winter clouds , moving within the blue/green water, bobbing with the current, the heart beat of the channel... under an ancient train trestle and... finally... out of sight.

Her brother John said, "She'll be in the gulf by morning."

Another said, " Never be anyone like Becky Jo."

I smiled at that... and cried for myself.

Becky Jo Biard

01/11/10 12:09 PM #124    


Mike Bowden

Just returned from a great few days in Pasadena CA watching the Longhorns play the BCS National Championship Game along with Mike Sanders and my son Josh. Ran into John Biard and Richard Quarles at the tailgate party...Paris was well represented!

Then had to spend a few days in Vegas......

01/13/10 05:57 PM #125    

Linda Fagan (Chanler)

It never fails.....we can always run into a Parisite no matter where we go :)

07/08/10 09:39 AM #126    


Larry Jordan

It is rather ironic that on the front page of our class website, it has the entrance to Pat Mayes Lake.  With the death of Coach Nance, some of my most pleasant and enjoyable experiences as an adult revolved around camping at Pat Mayes on the weekends for several years in a row.  While Judy and I and our two oldest daughters were camping beginners--Coach Nance and Charlie Sparks (also deceased) were old hands at it and were there every weekend--rain-sun-sleet or snow.  It was really a great feeling sitting around a campfire at night or just hanging out with "Phillip" and "Charlie" (it was hard to call them by their first names) and knowing that I was finally a grown man with a family and accepted as such by Coach Nance and Mr. Sparks. One winter we were camping and I got up early to get the campfire going and Coach was already sitting in his lawnchair and after I got my fire going he offered me a cool beverage to get the day started and so I attempted to open his cooler BUT the lid was frozen solid and after I jerked it open finally-----all the water inside the cooler was frozen solid--Coach laughed his ass off--it was about 20 degrees.  That was the last weekend camping that year for us but Coach and Mr. Sparks kept going right through winter and was there in the spring when we returned.  And of course Coach gave me a hard time for being such a sissy. 

For those who missed the Noyes Stadium retirement party, you missed a great opportunity to see Coach Nance at his best.  Looked to be in great shape and his mind was sharp as a tack. He remembered things that happened on that field and talked about it like it had only happened the week before.  Living in Paris, while not seeing Coach everyday or for that matter every week, you could see him fairly regularly which some how translated in to "somehow the world is OK Coach Nance is still around"!!!!  I will really miss him and am ashamed for not attempting to see and talk to him more.  Somehow in my heart of hearts, I really believe Coach Nance had a special place in his heart for those of us who were honored to have played football for him and in particular the Class of 1969.  He will be missed!!!!

09/10/10 08:55 AM #127    


Mike Bowden

 Larry Don, such an elegant memorial! It is clear you maintained a special relationship with Coach Nance.

Age seems to bring a special appreciation for my forebears that I wish I had developed years ago. I remember, as if it were yesterday, the days at Wise Field with Coach Nance running practice; the smell of cut grass, the hot sun of two-a-days and the cool breezes of fall. Most of all I remember the teammates and coaches, many of whom were only a few years our senior. It was a special time in my life that will always remain with me and he was our undisputed leader. I just wish I had been smart enough to enjoy it more while it was happening - but I guess I thought it would always be that way......


09/12/10 11:03 AM #128    

Bill Horton

Sorry to hear about Bobby Puckett.  I still think of him as being such a young guy.  I think we were in the eighth grade at Crockett when he began his student teaching there and that was followed by an opportunity for him to become a regular member of the Crockett faculty.

09/23/10 04:57 PM #129    

Joel Guest


this looks like Barrett Swimming Pool on North Main in Paris TX....



09/27/10 12:15 PM #130    


Angela Stewart (Lewis (Crockett 1964))

Looks like they're scrubbing the swimming pool!

12/27/10 09:26 AM #131    


Bob Gurley

        Happy New Year to You and Yours!

05/02/12 11:43 PM #132    

Kathy Babb (Magnuson)

Happy Birthday to all with birthdays in MAY!!!!   O h my are we really getting this age ?!!!  


12/07/14 03:30 PM #133    

Bill Grayson

Merry Christmas to all my classmates - 1969!! December 7th, remember Pearl Harbor!!

2014 almost done

Bill Grayson

12/07/14 06:48 PM #134    


Mike Bowden

And, Merry Christmas to you!

12/08/14 11:46 AM #135    


Cheryl Caldwell (Brown)


12/10/14 01:12 PM #136    


Robert Phillips

Merry Christmas to you, Bill

01/09/15 09:14 PM #137    

Kathy Babb (Magnuson)

I just would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ALL in January !!!  Hope all your wishes come true !! 

01/11/16 09:48 AM #138    

Bill Grayson

Its January 2016, not many posts going on. Hopefully it means we are all busy and do not have time to sit and type?? Everyone have a good year - looking forward to seeing all again.

Bill Grayson

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