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06/18/09 04:20 PM #89    

Linda Fagan (Chanler)

What an awesome thing our class did to raise $5,000 to start a scholarship. Working in a high school, I know what scholarships mean to some kids. Great job Class of 1969!!! By the way.... great picture you guys!!

06/19/09 09:02 AM #90    

Bobby Hargroves

It is indeed an honor to be a part of this class. Thanks to all who contributed. For those that may not know, this same picture was published in the Paris News so all our classmates and the community would know of our accomplishment. Have a safe and happy 4th.

06/19/09 11:15 AM #91    

Linda Osborne (Whitney)

As a teacher of Paris I.S.D., I thank you for the generous contribution of $5,000 to Paris Educational Foundation. Myself and my two daughters were fortunate to be recipients of college scholarships. Paris I.S.D. has been a major part of my life -12 years as a student(where I received an excellent education) and 36 years as a teacher. Way to go classmates!!! You are opening doors of opportunity to some students who may think a college degree is not a possibility. Thanks again!!!

06/20/09 07:51 AM #92    

Deedee Mills (Alsup)

I echo Linda's words. How wonderful that our class can help others as we were once helped.

And, what a great looking group of people!

Wish we had another reunion soon.

Miss you all very much!

06/20/09 10:53 AM #93    

Kathy Babb (Magnuson)

Hello Everyone !!!! Ok June 27th is almost here !!! Anyone still interested in a Girls Nite ? If so please email me !!! I sure hope so !!! Sorry for the short notice !! My mind is short also !!!!! Also what would be a good time for everyone and Chilis is what we decided ? Looking forward to visiting again !!!

06/22/09 01:14 AM #94    

Kathy Babb (Magnuson)

Girls Nite !! June 27th ,(Saturday), 6:30 pm Chili's!!!!! If you need to come later , come on!! I'm sure we can talk for a long time hahaha !! Hope to see ya there !!! Any questions :

06/27/09 10:33 PM #95    

Kathy Babb (Magnuson)

Thanks Girls for the great time !!! Kathy Kammer Day and Mary Lynn Spann thanks for coming so many miles !!! Mary Jackson, Sue Stevens Daughtry,Dawn Legate Oats, Friend of class,
Beverly Proffer, and myself met and had a great time !!! Small group but big time !!! Hope next time more can be with us !!! Thanks Girls for a great time !!!! hope to see all in a couple of months !!!!!

06/27/09 11:12 PM #96    

Sue Stevens (Daugherty)

Thanks to Kathy Babb for getting the party together tonight!! It was a lot of fun. Wish more people had been there. The two that I just knew would show up were not there. Donna Perkins and Karon Oakes, what happened??

08/01/09 07:41 AM #97    

Sidney Gross

Let's keep the party in session. No sense letting a little thing like hot weather throw us off . Yes, I've held back on my postings too. Well, I am in the mood to hear here from all of you.

Remember the back to school ritual, "What did you do on your summer vacation"? Well , let's do that.

Who will be the first to post that thread?

Try this link if you need some inspiration..... Works for me. and it might do it for you,,,,,

Sid Gross

08/28/09 08:54 PM #98    

Linda Fagan (Chanler)

I am going to Austin this weekend to spend time with Michael, Becky's finance (they had decided to get married on Oct. 12th). He is the one that sang the song at the memorial service for the deceased classmates. I will post something when I find out about any arrangements. She loved everyone of her friends deeply. We talked about it often.

08/30/09 08:20 PM #99    

Linda Fagan (Chanler)

There will be a memorial service for Becky on Wednesday, Sept 2nd at Trinity United Methodist Church, 600 E. 50th St, Austin, Texas. Michael is supposed to talk to John about a memorial service to be held in Paris. There will be an obituary run in the Austin paper on Tuesday and you can access it online. There should also be one run in the Paris paper but I am not sure for what date. More to come later.

08/30/09 11:09 PM #100    

Sidney Gross

Friend to all and a true joy for living life on life's terms. Becky will live in my mind and I will keep her alive in my heart. Now that she is in God's arms there is no doubt that she is safe.

May we all live a life that creates celebration and brings smiles when others think of us. Becky is one who always made me glad to smile. How could I not smile when she flashed that little S%$# Eating Grin of hers?

Is there Cherry Schnapps. Sloe Gin or Patron Tequila in Heaven?

Learn the ropes Becky, so that you may guide us when we arrive.
Love, Sid Gross

08/31/09 10:01 PM #101    

Linda Fagan (Chanler)

After the service on Wed. there will be a gathering at Don's Depot (one of her's and Michael's favorite hang-outs)...see below The service will be at 7:00 pm, Sept 2nd....I forgot the time on the first posting.

Becky’s family and friends invite you to a continuation of the celebration of her life Wednesday night , following the memorial service, at Donn’s Depot, 1600 W. 5th Street, Austin, Texas 78703; 512-478-0336. Christine Albert and Chris Gage will host the evening of music, food, dancing and laughter – just what Becky would have wanted. Friends are encouraged to bring stories and food to share.

I talked to John today and he said that there will be something in Paris this coming weekend. They will decide on the specific day while he is in Austin on Wed. and then I will post later. More to come. I am sharing all of your comments with Michael and he is touched. If anyone wants to call him he would welcome the call. His number is 512-926-1979.

08/31/09 10:08 PM #102    

Linda Fagan (Chanler)

Well said Sid.....

09/01/09 06:31 PM #103    

Linda Fagan (Chanler)

Thanks for putting this in. I have had a few calls about where to go to sign a guest book and you can do it in the Austin newspaper....

09/01/09 09:05 PM #104    

Linda Fagan (Chanler)

Michael and Becky's address is 2507 LeHigh Dr., Austin, 78723

09/04/09 10:33 AM #105    


Mike Bowden

Several of us went to Becky's service on Wednesday night in Austin... probably 200 folks were there. It was a lovely celebration of her life and all she meant to so many people. And, many beautiful pictures of her life and a poignant video of her on horseback all accompanied by the music Becky loved.

Becky's son Adam was there along with her granddaughter. Adam held himself high and proud... just like his mother. And little Rachel was beautiful. And, of course, Michael sang one of his songs; I don't know how he got through it.

The evening concluded with music and refreshments among the Austin music scene that Becky loved so much.

We will all miss her deeply but it was rewarding to see and hear about how much she meant to so many others also.

09/04/09 10:43 AM #106    

Sidney Gross

Dear Becky,

Your life was celebrated in top Texas form. So many friends from your first memory to your last were in attendance. The words of Adam, Michael and your pastor Sid ring still in my mind. How you were loved!!!!!

After hearing the words read that your students sent, all there were able to know the joy you gave to them. Many said that you were the teacher they will always remember. And others said that art now means they will be able to make your memory live with them. What a wonderful tribute from some so young and touched so deeply......

When your loved ones and friends arrived at Donn's Depot the place lit up as it must have when you first entered there.Stories of you were told throughout the night and all had one better than the last told.

May you rest always in God's arms of peace and hear "Dakota Lullaby" when you need additional comfort.....

Sending love, as always.

10/01/09 10:02 AM #107    

Butch Jones

Look-out Tennessee - here come the Bowdens.

Texas will miss you Mike and Rea. Take care and be good!

--butch jones

10/04/09 02:33 PM #108    

Sidney Gross

Bowdens--Tennessee--Watch Out--?

Are the Bowdens moving?
When are they leaving?
Who knew this before I did?
Damn!!! Always the last to know the happening stuff.

Aloha Mike and Rea....

Sid Gross

Everybody knows the drill----It's safe to go in the youtube pool.....

10/12/09 02:12 PM #109    


Mike Bowden

Thanks for the well wishes!!! We are settling into life in the woods -- seems a little different than Plano.

Y'all come to see us in Tennessee -- we'll head of to Lynchburg and sit a spell with Jack Daniels or sit on the deck and watch the leaves fall. Good times!

Sid - I'm in the YouTube pool but your link leads me down the drain. What's up???

10/14/09 11:25 AM #110    


Cheryl Caldwell (Brown)

Hey everyone! Mike and Rea...hope the move has gone well. Just to let you know, I've submitted an announcement for you to approve about the final football game to be held in Noyes Stadium... the last of our old school sites will no longer be used....geez I'm old!! Hope everyone will share their memories....

10/14/09 01:19 PM #111    


Mike Bowden

Cheryl, thanks for the announcement about NOYES Stadium.... it is posted on our class home page.

Are they going to tear it down and build a new one in the same spot?

10/15/09 10:39 AM #112    


Cheryl Caldwell (Brown)

Thanks for posting the announcement so fast! No, the new stadium will be next to the new high school. I'm not sure what the fate of Noyes is actually owned by PJC...PISD just paid a fee yearly and provied the has become really run down as far as the understructure, etc. There is going to be a special commemorative program sold that night with MANY pics.

10/16/09 08:06 AM #113    


Cheryl Caldwell (Brown)

Just a quick update....the commemorative program about Noyes Stadium will also be available to order if you can't be here. I will send the info as soon as they get it out...should be a couple of days at most. I think they will cost $7 to be mailed to you.

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